• Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Odyn Vovk FW11

    Odyn Vovk FW11available @ Substance!

    Being that Odyn Vovk is a line for a new generation of punks, the stylistic great-grandchildren of the originals, the clothes very much belonged there.
    Odyn Vovk’s collections, always very cerebral, are also always accompanied by philosophical explanations.

    The runway was a winding loop, fitting given that the name of this collection is “Spiral”.


    1. Hi, can I place international order for Odyn Vovk Moth coat?
      My e-mail: am@iceberggroup.com.ua

    2. Hi,
      I would like to purchase the Moth Coat by Odyn Vovk too if by any chance you still have in stock!! I'm located in the Bay Area (Hayward, CA).
      My email: watzmyname_89@yahoo.com
      Please let me know asap!!!
      Thanks!!! & Merry Christmas !

    3. Hello, I tried to call but the number does not work. I'd like to order the Moth as well. Can you please contact me at kaikanakala@gmail.com? Thank you.