• Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Death in June

    Death in June x Mishka

    Death in June are a neofolk group led by English folk musician Douglas P. The band was originally formed in England  in 1981 as a trio.

    Death in June soon left the reticent punk scene behind and began to infuse their sound with
    electronics and martial style drumming combined with a Joy Division -influenced post-punk sound.
    Their lyrics maintained much of the
    poetry and political urgency of the early Crisis recordings.
    Douglas P.'s influence was instrumental in sparking
    neofolk, of which his music has subsequently become a part.

     Wall of Sacrifice


     Death in June Jkt


    1. Nice stuff. That first shirt for sale? :D

    2. sorry for late reply!!
      yes, we still have "Wall of Sacrifice" in small and medium.

    3. All the items are in existence?

    4. How can I get the jacket? I'll pay whatever.