• Monday, April 15, 2013

    Nathaniel Eras

    Nathaniel Eras' latest release Portals exists in a unique space giving equal reverence to both the DIY noise scene of The Smell and the leftfield hip-hop beats of the Low End Theory/Brainfeeder scene. The LA-based producer already has plenty of acclaim bubbling underground with a few well-received limited releases to his name and pumping out dark, trance-inducing remixes for artists like Death Grips, Gazelle Twin, and Chelsea

    With his latest Portals, ERAS seems primed for a wider audience.

    With the nature of the dualistic release, it would be inappropriate to assign any sort of genre to the music on
    Portals but fans of the classic Warp catalog, Editions Mego releases, even the new generation of witchier dark
    electronics will find a lot to like in ERAS' latest

    Press quotes

    “It looms and sways as stuttering wails punctuate the steady beeping of the great engine’s life support system”
    Electronic Beats Magazine

    “Eras paints the whole picture for you, so you can't say you haven't been warned.”
    Impose Magazine.

    “We’ve been following Eras for quite some time now and are always amazed by his output.”

    You can find him more at :


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